1946 Engineer Friedrich Ley went freelance with a company for oil and gas burners with valves.

1948-1952 Development of a lean gas burner, with which lean gas can be safely burned without a support flame.

1966 Foundation of Friedrich Ley GmbH.

1982 Move to the present office premises in Bochum, Am Wall 9a.

1983-1984 Development of a flare pilot burner who’s flame remains stable even at wind speeds up to 200 km/h and is not blown out.

1987-1989 New construction of the present manufacturing facility in Bochum, Deimketal 50.

2011 Certification of the occupational health and safety management system by the trade social insurance against occupational accidents.

2012 Certification of the welding operation according to AD2000 Specification Sheet HP/0.