Industrial burners

The heart of every firing system is the FRIED.LEY Gas Burner DBP.

The FRIED.LEY Gas Burner DBP is applicable for all types of gas, such as e.g. natural gas, coke oven gas, generator gas, blast furnace gas, methane, digester gas, biogas, liquefied gases, hydrogen, refinery gas, gas mixtures, residual gases of the chemical industry, lean gases, as well as the alternative or combined combustion of several gases of different calorific value.

The FRIED.LEY Gas Burner DBP is available for gas flow capacities from 3 Nm³/h up to 50,000 Nm³/h and higher, for almost every pressure level, for preheated gas and for preheated air.

The FRIED.LEY Gas Burner DBP range meets every combustion-technical requirement, e.g. a short hot flame or a long soft flame, as well as various intermediate gradations; oxidizing, reducing or neutral combustion, as well as substoichiometric combustion with the lowest possible amount of soot.

All our burners are distinguished by their extraordinary robustness and durability, as well as lowest pressure losses.


  • Flare ignition burner
  • Lance burner
  • Lean gas burner
  • Oil burner
  • Multiple-fuel burner
  • Coke oven gas burner
  • Oxygen burner
  • Secondary air burner
  • Process gas burner
  • Acid gas burner
  • Special burner